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 Wood Mini Blinds - A Natural Alternative

When choosing window treatments for your home or office wood mini blinds can be a nice, natural alternative to the regular plastic or aluminum mini blinds. Wood mini blinds come in a variety of shapes, sizes and different types of wood like Ramin or Bass. You will also find different stains on wood mini blinds which you can buy as is or stain yourself. In doing so you can create a much more dramatic effect to your window treatment. Darker stained wood mini blinds like mahogany are very popular and add a element of class to your environment. 

Not only do wood mini blinds provide shade and privacy they create a warm and cozy look to any room in your house no matter if it is in your kitche, living room or bedroom. You will often find wood mini blinds in offices and workplaces. Since wood mini blinds look great from both the inside and the outside they are a wise choice for window treatments and coverings. Although they tend to be slightly more expensive then their counterparts of aluminum and vinyl mini blinds you can often find used or cheaper models online on shopping websites such as Amazon and Ebay.

The most important things to consider when choosing wood mini blinds are appearance, privacy offered, light controlling ability, insulating value, and the ease of operation. Although mini blinds are available in vinyl and aluminum materials also, wood blinds are most preferred for their style and look despite being more expensive compared to the other types of mini blinds.Wood Mini Blinds

Another option would be to source out faux wood mini blinds. They come with the same great look but are a fraction of the cost of regular wood mini blinds. Not to mention they are much more practical in bathrooms or laundry room with high humidity as they won't warp or rot like regular wood blinds might.

Wood mini blinds are easy to install but if you would rather, most manufacturers can install them for you. Most blinds come in different slat sizes ranging from 1-3 inches. The one and two-inch slats can be painted or exposed oak, maple or cherry to match your furniture, flooring or wall paneling. Wood mini blinds should be used in a stable temperature and humidity controlled environment to receive the full benefit of the long lasting durability of real wood blinds.

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