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 How To Install Your Cheap Mini Blinds

Installing your cheap mini blinds is a simple task. Just follow the steps below and your cheap mini blinds will be installed in a matter of minutes.

1) If you have already purchased your mini blinds, proceed to step two. If you have not purchased your mini blinds yet, the first thing you will need to do is determine the size of blinds you need. You will first need to measure the width and length of the inner window frame. Now go to your local retailer and select blinds that have the appropriate measurements.

2) Remove your new mini blinds from the package. You will need to install the brackets first. Position the first bracket in the upper left corner of the frame so that the open face that the plate slides in is facing outward. Now screw it into the window frame. Do the same with the upper right corner.

3) The next step is to install the middle support bracket. Measure to find the center at the top inner frame. You will screw the shortest face of the bracket into the inner frame; the bracket should have the open side facing out.

4) Next slide the mini blind top into the corner brackets at each end and the support bracket in the middle. Slide the face plates into the corner brackets, they will hold the blinds in place.

5) This step is optional. If you would like to anchor your mini blinds in a fixed position you may install the anchor brackets. The brackets will be installed at the bottom inner window frame and clip into the bottom blind.

Your cheap mini blinds are now ready to block out the sun, give you privacy and add a decorative element to your window and room.  Enjoy.