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 Custom Mini Blinds - When the Standard Size Just Doesn't Fit

When choosing window treatments most windows are made standard sizes that most window coverings are therefore made in relation to. However, more and more windows are being made where standard blinds, shades and curtains just don't fit. Especially in the case of mini blinds people and designers are finding they need to get custom mini blinds to fit these irregular windows.

Custom mini blinds can consist of already ready-made blinds that are cut to fit the measurements of your specific window or you have the blinds specifically made in the colors and slat sizes you choose.  If you like black mini blinds this will make them easier to find as they will be specially made for you. The first option is much more cost effective whereas the second option is costly but the quality of mini blind is much higher and will no doubt fit that much better on your windows. 

When choosing your custom mini blinds you also get to choose the material they will be made outCustom Mini Blinds of.  For the least expensive mini blinds vinyl is your best option.  However, wood mini blinds are becoming more and more popular with designers these days.  You also get to choose if you would prefer automatic or cordless mini blinds.  If you have small children or even nosey pets choosing cordless mini blinds is a wise choice.  They will eliminate any worry of your child or pet getting caught up in the cords when you aren't looking.  Automatic mini blinds are especially savy as they come with a remote control but of course will be the most expensive. 

If you visit your local department store or blind specialty store feel free to ask them about all your window treatment and mini blind options.  There are even some online stores that will make custom mini blinds for you if you simply email them your measurements and the features you desire.  It is still very easy to find cheap mini blinds even if you have to have them custom made.